AWP Rental Company has been offering rental services of heavy construction equipment machineries to the Indian EPC sector for a long time. The company has invaded different sectors in the infrastructure industry and is providing its Rental / Hire services for boom lifts, crane and other machineries in the private sector, public sector and also in the amalgamation of the two. This fact that it has been providing an array of services to all these different sectors across the nation, establishes the truth that AWP rental is at the top of its game and is most demanded for its role as the best Boom lift for rent supplier.

Rental dealings:

With the position of India’s leading rental company for the best machinery for construction sites, some of the machines that the company provides on rental basis are, include-

  • The Crane -

There are a multiple variety of cranes that you can hire to accomplish the different duties on the construction sites. Some of the different varieties of cranes include- Lattice boom crawler mounted crane, Hydraulic telescopic tyre mounted crane, etc. All these cranes execute their specific functions and do so brilliantly up to 500 MT capacity.

  • Man Lifts -

Man lifts are unique bit of highly usable machineries that help in moving single to a larger group of people in one go from the ground location to any storey of a multi- storey project. Some of the different type of man lifts that are widely used on the constructions sites and is supplied by AWP Rental Company, include- the cherry pickers or the Straight and articulated boom lifts. These man lifts are known for reaching up to a massive 150 feet.

Boom lift Scissor Lifts

Sale of Boom Lifts:

One other function of the ABC Infra Equipment that is come across is the Boom lift Sale. The company on a large scale basis supplies the best in the market boom lifts to both the small scale and large scale builders and contractors. With the need for these lifts in sectors such as airports, flyover construction, monument construction, heavy scale commercial projects, etc, the need for AWP Rental Company supplied quality boom lifts is only to rise. Basically whoever is in the need for quality boom lifts can contact the company for sale & hire in India.

Our services are widely acknowledged in several sectors such as airports, shipyards, road & bridge, plant fabrication & installation, factory & warehouse buildings and many more. We also provide Project Transportation / ODC Transportation services under the banner of “Assam Bombay Carriers” which is our parent company since 3 decades. Besides, we now provide equipment hiring solutions under “ABC Infra Equipment Pvt. Ltd”.

Contact us if you need any boom lift services from us. We offer complete satisfaction to our clients with our best services.